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Cupcake Flavors to try in 2024

New year, new me.

I mean same me, but maybe more a little adventurous and ready to spice it up with my cupcake flavors 🔥

You guys voted on our Insta poll last week and we hear you. You want a new fave too. So we did some really difficult bakery research* and came up with this list of the year's most viral cupcake sensations.

Or at least what we predict will be. Check it out below.

*Not actually difficult and very much enjoyable taste testing


1. Biscoff

No idea how it's made, but cookie butter should just be a topping on everything. Not too salty and not too sweet, this creamy substance just pairs so well with any dessert. We highly recommend trying it on a cheesecake too 👀

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

In case you didn't already know, ya girl is a big fan of cereal. And with so many flavor varieties, they're like, a perfect little cupcake topping. After trying that churro cookie we made a couple of weeks ago, I'm convinced this cinnamon toast crunch cupcake would be a hitter right here.

3. Circus animal cookie 

Okay, so yes. These cute little cookies are very similar to a vanilla cookie. But on top of a cupcake with an animal cookie filling, and a white chocolate buttercream. They are *chefs kiss* and also v cute.

4. Cookie Dough

If eating raw cookie dough is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. But luckily, this cookie dough is totally safe to eat. And the cupcake is filled with cookie dough INSIDE of it. I honestly think this is the Lord's favorite cupcake. It's just that good.

5. Donut

There's few things I love more than a soft, freshly fried donut. But when. you stick it on top of a bed of buttercream and a fluffy cupcake, you've won me over.


We've gotta know. What flavors are you guys dying to try or do you have any better ideas? Drop a comment and who knows - we might just pick your idea for our next cupcake experiment 👀 Stop by the shop this weekend to treat yourself to one or two of these fun creations ✨

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