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Three Things to Look For When Choosing Your Wedding Cake Bakery

Bride feeding the groom a bite of wedding cake

If you're reading this because you just got engaged - YAYYY! Congratulations! We're so excited for you and your next chapter! We seriously love when we get to be a part of a couple's big day. We know there are a ton of amazing bakeries you could choose and we don't take it for granted that we get to be a part of your story.

That being said, how do you choose?!

We've got a few tips on what to look out for below:

Do you like what you see?

4-tier white wedding cake with floral cascade down the front

Most bakeries are happy to take your inspiration picture, but cake artists are exactly that - artists. We will always want to put our own creativity into your custom cake. At the end of the day, that's the luxury of having a cake custom-made just for you!

My advice is to always look at the baker or bakery's portfolio. Most will have a typical style of work that they stick to. If that style is aligned with what your vision is, then you're a perfect match! If you the cake you have your eye on seems really far off from what they normally create, I would advise continuing your search. Just like with fashion or food, everyone's taste is different and I guarantee you can find someone who excels in the type of work that you're looking for!

Do they meet all of your requirements?

2-tier black wedding cake with white roses and a black acrylic topper

If you haven't heard by now, weddings are expensive and a lot of work! We know that most, if not all, couples will have a set budget or some particular requirements for their wedding cake. Is the bakery within a reasonable delivery distance to the venue? Does the baker meet the insurance requirements of the venue? Are they able to accommodate any specific dietary requests? These are all things that are important to consider during your search.

Do you like the taste?

I might be biased, but I throughly believe a wedding cake has to taste as good as it looks. If the bakery you're considering offers a tasting or sample process, make sure you take advantage of it! Don't let anyone convince you that looks are the only thing that matters...🤭

At Blush + Whisk, we offer a couple of different options. For the ultimate date experience, grab one of our tasting boxes for pickup at the shop. After your own personal tasting, we'll meet for a consultation and go over all of the details of your design!

As an alternative, come into the shop and choose a variety of cupcakes to try on your own! This Saturday, January 13th, we'll be giving away free cupcake tastings to all couples still searching for their wedding cake baker. Come and us out to see if we're your perfect match! 💕

We'd love to hear from you! Were these tips helpful? Drop a comment!

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