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Fun Ways to Use the New Burn Away Cake Trend

Updated: Feb 11

If you haven't seen the newest and hottest cake trend all over social media right now, you must be living under a rock. I'll admit, I was hesitant at first. What would it taste like? Was it safe?? But it didn't take long for me to jump on board and within days, I had a list of ideas I wanted to try 😅

Scroll below to spark your creativity and then run to fill out an inquiry form for your idea!


1. Gender Reveal Cake

white heart cake with black bows and gender reveal burn away

The original burn away cake and probably the best way to apply this trend. You can either make the top image the baby's arrival date or use the ultrasound for an extra cool effect!

2. Proposal Cake

burn away cake with ring and "will you marry me" proposal

This idea is so unique and we are HERE for it. If you're not brave enough to go for the real thing, this would be super cute as a prom or homecoming proposal too. As a bonus, if all goes wrong, you can always just put on a sad playlist and eat the entire cake on your own. No shame here 💀

3. Birthday Transformation

charmander burn away cake to charizard

Pokemon is cool, but this transformation can take whatever form you'd wish! Our favorite version is using a childhood picture and then a current selfie for the big reveal. It's your birthday and you can be as self-obsessed as you'd like, boo.

Click here to see our version of a burn away cake and let us know your thoughts! Do you have any ideas you haven't seen done yet? Fill out an inquiry form if you're ready to get started!

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