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A Letter From Our Founder

Hey babes! I'm Bermarie, owner of Blush + Whisk, wife and mommy. My husband and I met in California, fell in love, and moved to Texas to start a new life. We had our first child (a little girl) that year and our second (our sweet boy) came shortly after. We were thrilled, but two kids under two is no joke (can I get an amen, mamas?!)  I struggled figuring out a balance between being a mom and being an individual. 

Quarantining in 2020 was the biggest blessing in disguise. It was during this time that I decided I wanted - and needed - to do something for myself. I have always had a love of baking and decorating cupcakes, so I chose to spend this time practicing the craft. My husband's birthday cake in April 2020 was the first cake I've ever decorated, and I had no idea it would be far from the last!

Fast forward to 2023 - the year we opened our first brick and mortar store! It was the scariest leap of faith I’ve ever taken, but looking back, I know it was 100% a calling from God. Since opening the shop, we have expanded the team, launched a variety of new products, and we’re continuing to develop even more as you guys continue to support us. 

Our mission is simple. We will celebrate others and their life accomplishments, uplift those that need a friend, encourage others to pursue their passions, and invest in those whose ideas are impactful. 

While our product is cake, to me it’s so much more. To me it’s about loving on our customers, our friends, and our community. We pour our hearts into every order. We get to know every person who comes into the store. And we genuinely get excited about playing a small part in your memories. 

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for being here. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and thank you for contributing to this dream.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can help continue this mission, please contact us here.

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Blush + Whisk bakery storefront location

"Our mission is to encourage people to stop and celebrate even the smallest accomplishments. We believe it’s those little moments that end up meaning the most."

Help Us Spread the Love

We love cupcakes and we absolutely hate wasting them! At least once a week, we take any extra treats and box them up to give away throughout our community. We've visited hospitals, fire stations, and the local police department. Check it out here!

Now we're allowing you guys to be a part! Use this form to drop a suggestion on where we should visit next 🫶

Thanks for helping us spread the love! We'll be in touch if we need more info!

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