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Custom Cakes

Cake Serving Guide

All cakes over 4" are three layers

5" Serves 5-6 - Starts at $37

6" Serves 17-20 - Starts at $115

8" Serves 25-30 - Starts at $145

10" Serves 40-45 - Starts at $190

12" Serves 65 - Starts at $300

To see a full list of flavors, click here.

Signature Shop Cakes: If you need a little help deciding, shop from our selection of preset designs at a lower price here. We've got you, sis.

Need a custom size not shown here? Let's chat about it.


One flavor per dozen

Classic Cupcakes


Custom Cupcakes

Starts at $48/dozen

Floral Cupcakes


Drop Cookies (Not Decorated)

Drop cookies are those like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle. We make 'em in two sizes, regular and THICK.

Regular $2.25|$25/dozen   Slim-thick (6oz) $6


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